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What Is Ultimate? "Ultimate is an exciting, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over."
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Some terminology you may or may not be familiar with.

This list is largely quoted from UltimateFrisbeeInfo.com. See their site or WhatIsUltimate.com for more definitions.

Term Definition
Backhand Usually the standard throw for ultimate players. This throw has the players fingers curled under the disc with the thumb on top. The arm is extended and brought across the left side of the body.
Brick A pull that is untouched by the receiving team and lands out of bounds.
Greatest Considered by some to be the "greatest" play in Ultimate, this is a (theoretically possible) maneuver whereby a player jumps from in-bounds, catches a disc that was heading out-of-bounds, and while still in the air throws the disc to a teammate for a score.
Hammer A forehand grip that is thrown over the head. This throw results in the disc flying upside down before tailing off at the end of its flight.
Handler The person with the disc
Huck A long throw; equivalent to a bomb in football.
Pick An intentional or unintentional block (like basketball) where a player gets between you and the player you are covering
Pivot When you plant your foot (left for right handers and right for left handers) and step to the side (allowing you the throw around the marker).
Pull A long throw that starts play and initiates the opposing teams possession. This is used in a similar way to the kickoff in football
Spirit of the Game The foundation of Ultimate Frisbee. Since Ultimate has no referees, games are self-officiated, so players have to make their own calls. This can lead to nasty arguments if there's a lack of good spirit on the field.
Swing Throwing the disc across field usually to reset the stall count or open up a different side of the field, this throw is not necessarily intended to move the disc closer to the goal line